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Builders of the Ark is a simulation game for developing skills necessary to Reconstructing a Better World. If you would like to participate, and the rules below are agreeable to you, please enroll. You will be emailed verification that you are enrolled, and when you return to this page you will then be able to sign in. 

As a new member you will be assigned to a 'Welcome LERN' from which you can move to another existing LERN of your choosing. You can also, if you wish, create a LERN of your own design, to which you may invite others. 

LERNs, in the Builders of the Ark, are simulations of existing or proposed communities in the real world. 

The purpose of the game is to give the players in the simulation the opportunity to meet with others interested in developing skills necessary to achieve the goals of the real world community, with the intent of their then participating in the real world community. 

One learns by playing. And by playing you will not only learn the skills and about the intended community, but you will also quickly learn about about the game itself. There are many instructive and informative opportunities for learning about the game - within the game. 

So if you are someone who wants to help others build a better world, or if you are someone that has idea an idea for building a better world and would like to attract others to assist you, and the rules below are acceptable, do plunge right in.

Building a Better World!
To train you to become a leader (teacher) in the reconstruction of society
Through participation in this Dual Reality program (a.) one half being simulation for practicing skills (b.) the other half being organizing with real people doing real activities.


Rules/Principles of the Program

  1. Encourage diversity of participants (see note 1)
  2. Respect diversity of participants (see note 2)
  3. No profanity (see note 3)
  4. No obsenity (see note 4)
  5. No disparagement of ideas or cultures (see 5)
  6. No disparagement of individuals (see note 6)

Notes: (Explanations)

  1. This includes all races, nationalities, philosophies, religions. Any activity should actively encourage such diversity
  2. Atheists, gays, communists, advocates of every extreme idea are free to express their position without being denigrated (definition of denigration: a belittling comment)
  3. To be profane is to be disrespectful of religion. This means that in the stories, in the forums, in any communications, one is not to use expressions such as 'OMG', or any reference to the Almighty, Jesus, or the Prophet of any religion, except as a term of respect.
  4. An obscenity is that which is culturally offensive to those who are considered prudes.
  5. All ideas, concepts, view points are to be recognized as being held as valid by someone. (Definition of disparagement: a communication that belittles something or someone.)
  6. This includes what are called 'ad hominem comments', which are attacks upon the character, qualities, or abilities of an individual rather than addressing the argument or subject. In short one may not say someone is a fool, stupid, dumb, dishonest, etc., for a very long list of et ceteras.

Practice of the Rules/Principles

In practice there is nothing in the rules or principles to prevent devoted advocacy of, or opposition to, the most extreme ideas of religion, atheism, homosexuality, bestiality, genocide, or anything else so long as it is done in a temperate and courteous manner. In the presentation of any idea by a proponent it is always desirable that an opponent present a counterpoise to the idea.

Philosophy of the Program

  1. Total respect, support and encouragement of the Principles of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  2. Total respect, support and encouragement of Religion.
  3. Encouragement of morality and virtues.

Meaning of The Ark

The Ark is not a physical thing or place. It is rather a social system to protect the survivors of a world-wide catastrophe and permit them to reconstruct society in whatever manner they wish.